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Workshop on
Modeling and Analysis of Switching Transients Associated with
Shunt Capacitors and Reactors

October 9-11, 2014
Venue: Bengaluru


Course Benefits:

The course focuses on transient and harmonic issues associated with capacitor banks. With detailed modeling of the system and shunt capacitors, transients studies focus on issues such as voltage magnification, harmonic resonance, phase to phase insulation on transformers terminated at the end of the lines connected to substations with shunt capacitor banks to name a few.
With the increased non-conventional generation such as wind that has high degree of variability, these shunt devices are switched more frequently than in the past and the industry is seeing more failures of shunt reactors and the switching devices.  The course focuses on these issues and shows selection of mitigation methods and its effect on the Re-ignition and TRV of the switching devices.
Course Instructor:
Mr. Pratap Mysore is with HDR, a consulting company, as System Protection Director in the Power Delivery group. He has over 35 years of experience in the power system industry in the areas of protection, control, system design and system studies.
Topics: -

Transient over voltages during energization – Mitigation methods such as synchronized closing 
pre-insertion resistors/ inductors
Voltage magnification at lower voltage buses with capacitor banks
Phase to phase over voltages on transformer terminated at the end of the lines
Simultaneous energization of a capacitor bank and transformer
Breaker issues – Restrike
Harmonic resonance issues with shunt capacitor banks examples – tertiary connected capacitor banks, shunt capacitor is a weak system during contingencies
RRRV issues associated with breakers clearing faults on capacitor banks with reactors
Sizing of inrush/outrush current limiting reactors – Latest development in the industry
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Who Should Attend:
Students, Faculty, Research Scholars, Practicing Engineers who perform studies
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