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Technical Support


All our customers can obtain free technical support directly from us in addition to the support from the Manitoba HVDC Research Centre.  Please feel free to contact us at support@nayakpower.com if you have any questions.

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PSCAD References


For publications related to PSCAD, please click here. The references are listed by year and by category such as FACTS, Transformers, etc. The list is a work in progress and we would appreciate any input. Please submit your PSCAD related publications if you would like to include in the list.





In addition to technical support we also offer PSCAD training courses and advanced power systems courses that include PSCAD workshops.  Our PSCAD courses are regularly held at our office in Princeton, New Jersey and can also be conducted at client locations. See the calendar below for our upcoming courses. Please contact us for course inquiries or if you would like to be put on our mailing list.


Introductory PSCAD Course:  Fundamentals of PSCAD and General Applications



Our introductory course is designed to quickly bring new PSCAD users up to speed through structured tutorials. You will learn important basic skills that are not easily acquired on your own.  This course is a good fit for brand new PSCAD users and even those who have some experience.


[ Course Outline ]


Upcoming Introductory Courses:

Nov 5-6, 2012 |  Feb 4-5, 2013  |  May 6-7, 2013

Aug 5-6, 2013 |  Nov 11-12, 2013



Nayak Power Systems

Bangalore, INDIA.

Advanced PSCAD Course:  Custom Model Development


Power Systems Workshops

Our advanced PSCAD course is designed for experienced users who are looking to develop their own PSCAD models and components.  We also cover the details of EMTDC structure, model theory and efficient management and construction of large and complex cases.



Upcoming Advanced Courses:

        Contact us if you are interested in scheduling an Advanced PSCAD Course



In addition to our standard PSCAD training we also offer courses on selected power systems topics.  These courses include the theory and a workshop discussing how to model the devices in PSCAD.  Topics for our advanced power systems courses include:

  • HVDC


  • Drives


Upcoming Power System Workshop:





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