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Current version of PSCAD is X4.6.2 (as of April, 2018)

PSCAD X4 Free Edition now available at www.pscad.com (Registration required).


PSCAD Simulator



PSCAD (Power Systems Computer Aided Design) is the professional's simulation tool for analyzing power systems transients.  This simulator is a product of over 25 years of research and development.  PSCAD is utilized by over 1000 commercial, educational and research institutions worldwide.


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Because of our practical interaction with our clients, we understand their requirements and constraints. This helps us to recommend them the most economical product configuration.  


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PSCAD Services


Training and Technical Support

Our unique combination of power system industry experience and software development expertise makes us the ideal candidate to handle all your PSCAD needs.  Our full range of PSCAD services includes; sales, training, day to day support and advanced consulting. 

After-sales support is very important to us at Nayak Power Systems.  We possess the experience needed to quickly bring you up to speed on how to use PSCAD.  This experience also allows us to provide prompt and effective technical support.


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We have used PSCAD for a number of projects in the power systems industry.  Our consulting experience with PSCAD includes custom component development and transient studies. 


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