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Current version of DSA Tools is 13

The DSAToolsTM suite is the next-generation of power system analysis tools and provides the complete assessment of system security including all forms of stability.

The DSAToolsTM provide a complete toolset for power system planning and operational studies. In additon to rich modeling capabilities and leading-edge computational methods, the software is highly automated and can provide engineers with significant productivity improvements.





PSATTM (PowerFlow & Short Circuit Assessment Tool) is a full-featured graphical powerflow program that includes table-driven data manipulation and a flexible one-line diagram capability. It can be used for stand-alone powerflow analysis or for data exchange with the other DSAToolsTM products.


  • Creating and modifying powerflow models
  • Contingency assessment including overload and voltage studies
  • Producing diagrams for output reports
  • Setting up initial conditions for other DSATools applications


VSATTM (Voltage Security Assessment Tool) is a highly automated steady-state analysis tool designed for comprehensive voltage security assessment. VSAT includes flexible specification of voltage security criteria and is designed to handle a large number of contingencies, power transfers, and scenario


  • Reactive power planning studies
  • Operational planning studies (security limit assessment)
  • On-line voltage security assessment
  • Any analysis involving, Assessment of thermal overloads Determination of voltage security limits Evaluation of required voltage stability margins Transfer limits (ATC & TTC)
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TSATTM (Transient Security Assessment Tool) is a leading-edge full time-domain simulation tool designed for comprehensive assessment of dynamic behavior of complex power systems. TSAT includes a rich model library, state-of-the-art solvers, and a highly intuitive user interface. Like VSAT and SSAT, TSAT can automatically find security limits under specified contingencies and transfer conditions. 


  • Studies involving rotor angle, voltage, or frequency stability
  • Transmission system design and operating studies including stability limit assessments
  • IPP integration studies
  • Design and setpoint determination of special protection systems
  • Control tuning and protection coordination

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SSATTM (Small Sgnal Analysis Tool) is an eigenvalue-based software tool designed for analysis of small signal stability of large complex power systems. It includes a wide number of analysis functions and productivity tools, making it ideal for investigating oscillatory behavior, and for designing and tuning controls to improve system damping.

  • Studies of low-frequency inter-area oscillations
  • Analysis of local or inter-machine modes of oscillations
  • Design and tuning of controls
  • Investigation of the sensitivity of system parameters on modes of oscillations
  • Contingencies screening to meet damping requirement
  • Determination of power transfer limit to meet damping requirement
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Powertech's on-line DSA technology is used with the Wind Security Assessment Tool (WSAT), in a joint development with the Irish national grid company EirGrid. WSAT is now operational at the National Control Center (NCC) of EirGrid.

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CDTTM (Control Design Toolbox) is a specialized software tool for tuning power system stabilizers. CDT works with Matlab and SSAT to provide advanced tuning and benchmarking capabilities and is available as a stand-alone tool or as an add-on module to SSAT.

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Online Application Power System Security Assessment
SecurityAssessment in Near-Real Time:

The DSAToolsTM are designed to provide on-line security assessment when used in the real-time sequence of the control center's energy management system (EMS). The software works with a solved powerflow provided by the state-estimator and communicates with the EMS via flat files or TCP/IP network connection. Powertech's DSAManagerTM controls all computations which are conducted on a dedicated cluster of computers and, if necessary, distributed processing is used to meet performance requirements. Results may be passed back to the EMS console or are accessible locally or remotely.



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